The Basilica of Fourvière stands as an exception.

Unlike most churches and cathedrals in France which are the property of the municipalities and the government, Fourvière is owned by the Fourvière Foundation, recognised as promoting the public interest.
Through its own funds, the Fourvière Foundation takes care of the management, the promotion and the maintenance of the site.
The exceptional and urgent works are funded half by the government and the regional authorities and half by donations and legacies from individuals.

From the beginning, the Lyonnais’ generosity has financed the sanctuary and kept it alive.
They are several ways to help the Foundation and the rector in their mission:

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Since its construction, subscriptions, precious items and works of art have been brought to Fourvière, for the Basilica and the museum. Fundraising appeals are regularly made to individuals, in particular by way of mailing. For 10 years, donations have contributed to carrying out major works in the basilica:
• 1996: restoration of the facades and internal mosaics of the Basilica
• 2005: installation of a new heating system in the Basilica
• 2007: restoration of the Chapel of Our Lady and its altarpiece
– Since then, the Chapel of Saint Thomas has been renovated as well as the lantern tower (supporting the golden statue of the Virgin Mary) and the Observatory tower.
– Between 2007 and 2013, more than 7.5 million euros have been spent on restoring the Basilica. For more information: (see the web page Works).
You can help us take up this new challenge by making a donation here

For more information, please contact:

Fondation Fourvière

8, place de Fourvière

69005 LYON

+33 (0)4 78 25 13 01