The Basilica of Fourvière is a heritage and touristic monument of utmost importance. It is a listed historical monument and is included in the area of Lyons listed as a World Heritage Site.

Substantial works are conducted on an ongoing basis. They aim at restoring and reinforcing the Basilica and related buildings. The last few years, they have focussed on dealing with the most pressing issues, preserving the quality and safety of the sanctuary while contributing to its enhancement.

These works have been made possible through the contribution of the authorities (the French government, the City of Lyons, the departmental council) and individuals’ donations and legacies.

  • 1996: restoration of the facades and internal mosaics of the Basilica
  • 2005: installation of a new heating system in the Basilica
  • 2007-2008: restoration of the Chapel of Our Lady and the entrance hall: €700,000
  • 2008-2009: restoration of the lantern tower and the golden statue of the Virgin Mary: €1,600,000
  • 2009-2011: repairing of the roof and framework of the Basilica and of the covering of the towers, lightning protection: €2,900,000
  • 2011: stairs of the entrance to the Basilica: €215,000
  • 2012: restoration of the vaults and the mosaics of the ceiling: €1,200,000
  • 2012-2013: electricity and lights of the Basilica: €660,000
  • 2013: repairing of the roof of the buildings located between the Basilica and the Chapel of Our Lady: €190,000
  • 2014-2015: renovation of the pediment: €700,000


A new vision for Fourvière

Today, we have a more comprehensive vision for Fourvière. We want to give the whole site a new dynamic approach of welcome and development worthy of the challenges, worthy of the Basilica, with the aim of adapting the place to better welcome pilgrims, tourists, groups, etc.

  • Enhance the welcoming capacity and quality: Fourvière is a place open to everybody. It is essential to welcome everyone as best we can: pilgrims, visitors, tourists, groups, young people, families, etc. This means functional welcome and meeting rooms, more guided tours, modernised presentation materials (videos, multilingual communications material), several catering places, toilets, shops…
  • Make the site more accessible and convivial: the aim is to facilitate the access, to rethink the parking and the markings, to offer itineraries enabling visitors to discover all the treasures of Fourvière. We want to make of Fourvière a more lively and joyful place where many events and activities are organised throughout the year and not only on 8th September and 8th December.
  • Carry out vital renovations: the idea is of course to continue the necessary maintenance and enhancement of the Basilica but above all to completely renovate the other buildings, and especially the square house housing the museum, the collection of archives, the office of the Foundation and the secretary’s office of the sanctuary. In terms of safety and accessibility, there are many and vital upgrading to standards to do. We will particularly focus on the renovation of the museum and make of it a cultural structure worthy of the site, offering welcoming, functional and attractive spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Funding of the project

This project requires considerable investments, valued today at around 16 million euros over 5 years (2014-2018). The operating costs are and will be offset by the income brought by the visitors: shops, restaurants, museum entrance fees, etc.

The diocese of Lyons, local authorities and institutions (City of Lyons, departmental council, regional cultural affairs agency) will support the project.

But the success will also depend on the generosity of all those, individuals and companies, who, like the first builders 150 years ago, will bring their stone to the construction of this new step of Fourvière.