–          Millefaut’s Virgin Mary (1892):

It is the heart of the Basilica dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and therefore to Mary’s divine motherhood. She presents the Child Jesus blessing the faithful.

– Heresies

  • The symbolic triumph of good over evil is evoked in the Basilica by the statue of the Virgin Mary overlooking the heresies, doctrines of Christian origin contrary to the Catholic faith and condemned by the Church. Bossan wants to show Mary’s strength and triumph in fighting the heresy. At her feet, he places the heresies, each one featured by a different animal.

–   Stained-glass windows in the choir: “Mary queen of the holy virgins” (G.Poncet 1887-1891)

The chapels: Mary’s life

The eight lateral chapels in the abutments of the Basilica show episodes of Mary’s life. They all contain an altar, an altarpiece and a pediment. Each one of them was decorated by a different sculptor.

The mosaics: Mary throughout history

The six wall mosaics are dedicated to The Virgin Mary in the universal Church on the Northern facade and to the Virgin Mary in the Church of France on the Southern facade.


  The stained-glass windows: Mary, Heavenly Queen

The six stained-glass windows designed by Georges Decôte present different aspects of the royalty of the Virgin Mary in Heaven.

The angels

The heavenly creatures are not missing in the Basilica. On the outside, the spiritual battle is everywhere: from the caryatid angels, armed with a sword, which decorate the pediment to the statue of Saint Michael vanquishing the dragon on the roof. Placed on top of the apse, the character of the archangel evokes the triumph of good over evil. The armed angels outside give way to musician angels supporting the arches of the tribune gallery inside. The kneeling angels in the choir carry the symbols of the Virgin Mary’s litanies: gate of heaven, morning star, mirror of justice and seat of wisdom.

 The cupolas

The three cupolas depict Mary united to the three persons of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They express her communion with God and her eternal bliss.