Is it possible to get married in Fourvière?

The Basilica is not a parish. Therefore no baptism, wedding or funeral can be celebrated there.

To prepare your child’s baptism, your wedding or funerals, you are invited to get in contact with the priests of the nearest parishes to your home. You can find their contact information on the website of your diocese.

Opening times of the basilica, the site, the car park, the esplanade, the toilets

Opening hours of the gates of the esplanade: 7am-9.30pm
Opening hours of the Basilica: 7am-7pm
Opening hours of the car park: opens every day at 9.15am. It closes at 9.30pm in winter and 11pm in summer.
Opening hours of the shops:
The store “Souvenirs de Fourvière”, located on the right of the Basilica is open every day (except on 25th December and during the first week of January) from 9am to 6.45pm.
The “Boutique de Fourvière”, located on the esplanade, next to the Pilgrim’s shelter, is open:
• April-September: every day from 9am to 6.45pm
• October-December: on weekends
• Annual closing from January to March
The Pilgrim’s shelter is open every day from 12am to 2pm..
The toilets can be found next to the Pilgrim’s shelter and are open every day from 8am to 6.30pm.
The gardens are open until 9.30pm in winter and 11pm in summer.

You can find all the information on the webpage opening times

Mass in English and other languages

Mass in Fourvière is celebrated in French except when the foreign pilgrimage groups come with their own priest.


Many concerts of sacred or classical music are organised every year in the crypt of Fourvière.

If you wish to organise a concert in Fourvière, here are some practical information:

  • The crypt contains 710 seats.
  • There is no concert on Sundays, from December to January (as a nativity scene is installed in the choir), during Lent and in summer.
  • The number of concerts that can be organised every year is limited.
  • For more information, please contact +33 (0)4 72 38 89 50


The shrine is animated by more than 200 volunteers who work in different areas, according to their taste and availability.
The Foundation is responsible for the volunteer guides’ training and follow-up.

Have a mass offered

Leaflets are available at the back of the Basilica and the chapel if you wish to have a mass said. You can also go to the sacristy and ask for information. Find all the information on the webpage leave a mass intention.

Media accreditation

As the Basilica and the site are a private property, film shooting, photo and video requests are subject to approval.

Films and photographs must not be used in contradiction with the place and its purpose.

The place must be respected during the shooting as well as the people’s right to their image.

The film maker/photographer agrees to make available to the Fourvière Foundation a copy of the film or part of the photos taken. The Fourvière Foundation reserves the right to use the images for promotion purposes and commits to indicate credit whenever it does.

The film maker commits to mention the Fourvière Foundation in the acknowledgments.

For any request, please contact +33 (0)4 72 38 89 50

Donations to the museum collections

Every year, the Museum and especially the Treasury of the Basilica, part of which is displayed in the Museum, is enriched with new items: sacred vases, fabrics, devotional items, etc. Donations come from religious congregations and families who wish to preserve their spiritual legacy by entrusting it to Fourvière. The French legal statute of the Foundation is a guarantee of continuity: the items entrusted to the Foundation are inalienable; they cannot be given away nor sold. The Board and the curator of the Museum every donation before giving their approval.

Conditions of access to the Pilgrim’s shelter

The Fourvière Foundation makes available to pilgrims and visitors a room so they can rest and have something to eat. It is open all day in summer and from 11.30am to 2pm in winter.
It is not possible to book this room; it is reserved primarily to people who have activities on site: pilgrims, children, etc.


A lift is available to you from the car park of the esplanade. It gives access to the crypt and the Basilica. It operates from 9am to 6.30pm.