Have a mass offered

© Photo Jean-Pierre Gobillot pour La Nuée Bleue

© Photo Jean-Pierre Gobillot pour La Nuée Bleue

Every mass is said for the Church and the whole world but the priest can, on the faithful’s request, add a special intention: to thank God, honour the Virgin Mary, pray for a deceased or a family member, a sick person, young married couples or a newly baptised…
It is traditional, as of the first centuries of the Church, to give a contribution for the mass intention.
This offering does not mean that we are paying for a mass to be celebrated because mass is priceless. It is an act of sharing made by the faithful which includes them more particularly into the celebration and enables them to contribute to the Church’s needs and especially those of the priests.
These prayer intentions are usually announced during mass. However, even if it is not the case, they are prayed for by the priest and the Christian community.
In the diocese of Lyon, the amount of the offering is set at 17 euros.
You can also give your intentions by offering a novena (nine consecutive masses) with a contribution of 170 euros.
Please note that if you make a request on weekends, it will only be taken into account on the following Monday morning. We thank you for your understanding.

 Leave a prayer intention

Every day in Fourvière, priests and lay people pray for the intentions entrusted to them.
All these intentions are prayed for during the “mass of the prayer intentions” which takes place in the evening of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, on 8th December. A notebook is available at the back of the Chapel of Our Lady where you can write down your intentions. You can also give them by phone at +33 (0)4 78 25 80 98 or send them by mail to the secretary’s office : Secrétariat du sanctuaire 8 place de Fourvière 69005 Lyon.

All the intentions entrusted to us are strictly confidential and cannot be divulged by no means whatsoever.


Offer an ex-voto/votive offering

You can put an ex-voto in the Chapel of Our Lady or in the crypt. Its price depends on the number of letters and its location.