Souvenirs de Fourvière

The shop “Souvenirs de Fourvière” is on the right of the Basilica when coming out of the funicular.

Located near the Chapel St. Thomas, the museum and the restaurant, this shop has a religious and strong cultural perspective. The area of religious souvenirs has a large range of religious objects, cards, incense, a large choice of candles, as well as many books of religious literature.

 A second space offers tourist books, cards of Lyon, decorative objects, many which are locally-made or monastic-made products.

Thanks to its activity, the Fourvière shop supports the expensive restoration and maintenance of the site of Fourvière.

The Fourvière shop offers a large range of religious and tourist products

Times :

The shop is open every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Contact :

Adresse: 7 place de Fourvière – 69005 LYON, France
Telephone: 04 78 25 87 99