The rector and the chaplains of the basilica of Fourvière

Père Yves Guerpillon has been the rector of the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Fourvière since 2021.


  • Father Luc Gindre
  • Father Gilles Sander
  • Deacon Christophe Bail
  • Father Jean-Eudes Chavanat
  • Deacon Adel Camel

Organist and Master of Chapel

Yves Lafargue – Organist

It was while accompanying Palm masses in 2006 that Yves Lafargue took office as titular organist, in the service of the sanctuary of Fourvière. From Sunday to Sunday, the liturgical organist supports choirs, he plays an appropriate solo repertoire, improvises: he brings a musical color to the liturgy, through his skills and sensitivity.

At Fourvière, this service is enriched by a cultural component: the organisation of organ hours. Finally, as soon as he arrived, Yves Lafargue integrated the sanctuary music service, and more recently, the cultural center of the Fourvière site. By participating in the choice of songs and by composing, according to needs, psalms (the Psalter of Fourvière), vespers, and lately, a “Our Father”, he endorses the centuries-old craft of the church musician.

Clément Perrier – Master of Chapel