Origin of the project

Since September 8, 2016, major construction works have begun on the site of the basilica thanks to the generosity of local residents and public institutions. Named “Fourvière : a new momentum”, this project’s aim is to make Fourvière more welcoming and lively so as to foster spiritual experience through sharing and new encounters.


The works were always focused on the maintenance and renovation of the basilica itself. Long forgotten, the buildings surrounding the site have become obsolete. These buildings will be modernised and transformed.

In the wake of the aspirations of those who conceived Fourvière, this new momentum will enable visitors from all spiritual and religious backgrounds to engage in a new social, cultural, spiritual and touristic experience.

A new momentum for Fourvière

A project that combines…


Everything has been designed to provide visitors with the best experience. Friendly and helpful volunteers and staff can be met everywhere : at the entrance pavilion, inside the basilica, in the shops and the restaurants where each exchange leads to Encounter.


The site of Fourvière is to become a major cultural hub in Lyon thanks to a Discovery Area, themed visits, circuits on the hill… The museum is extending and new cultural activities will be offered in order to promote new perspectives through art.


The basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière is blessed with a vibrant liturgical and spiritual life and enjoys a dynamic tradition of pilgrimage. Many visitors, believers and non believers alike, feel there is a unique atmosphere on site.


Great care has been directed towards those in need and disabled people. Fourvière volunteers and staff are wholeheartedly committed to tending to everybody’s needs. In the joy of serving, Man is at the very core of the project: co-animation of the reception with the ALGED (Association for children with deficiencies) at the entrance pavilion, solidarity catering with the Apprentis d’Auteuil, hosting civic services, creating a home for young people.