The Fourviere Foundation appeals to the generosity of the Lyonese and the inhabitants of the region to help it restore the Towers of the Basilica NDF, highly damaged in need of emergency repairs …

The damages on the basilica : inventory of the towers

Nowadays the Tower of Justice (south west) and the Tower of Force (north west), especially
exposed to bad weather reveal cracks and alarming disorders which have already caused
damages and threaten the stability of the whole building.
Furthermore the crown of the Tower of Justice is crumbling very quickly and cracks appear.
It is the same on the north and south facades.
In the 90s the clogging of these cracks, made of a mortar patching fixed by iron hooks raised a
new problem, because iron rusts and weakens mortar which rapidly deteriorates.
Big blocks -some of them bigger than the wrist- dissociate and highly risk to fall on the forecourt,
an important crossing place of a large public
So the works on that part are urgent, to avoid an accident which could be prejudicial to the site
which welcomes more than 2.5 million visitors every year.
As a consequence the works to provide on the towers are needed as much for the safety of the
visitors and pilgrims as for the durability of the building

The Campaign of sponsorship 2023-2025: 2.4 million euros to initiate works and save the Fourviere towers.

The campaign of sponsorship will particularly focus on raising money to start the urgent works on
the towers of the basilica.
This site needs at least 2.4 million euros to launch the first urgent works. These works will consist
in restructuring the whole building, the fixation of the cracks and the restoration of the exterior
A complete survey was launched in November 2023 to know the precise works to undertake on
the towers of the basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière.
We will have the final results of this survey in the first term 2024.
The Fourvière foundation remains entirely mobilized to raise necessary funds to initiate the works
and save the basilica Thus it hopes to rely on the support of the companies and individuals
involved to carry out the urgent works on the basilica and prevent that the situation becomes

Forecast schedule of the works :

November 2023 : Beginning of the precise survey dealing with the works to carry out on the
towers with the architect MH, the design structure department, the statement society in 3D
April 2024 : final results of the survey
June 2024 : Launching of ATHM (Permission of works on historic monuments) and consultation of
the companies
End of the year 2024 : Launching of the first urgent works on the towers of the basilica.
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