A large campaign of sponsorship in favor of the basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière has been launched in partnership with the Heritage Foundation on 26th January 2023.

This campaign has a clear aim : Mobilise the main national and regional economic actors around this site
which symbolizes the history of the city.
A campaign, 5 axes :
-Restore the heritage to convey it to the future generations.
-Promote accessibility and social inclusion.
-Make the Fourviere site eco friendly
-Accelerate the digital processing of the site.
-Develop the culture for everybody.
This campaign concretely aims to give financial means to the Fourvière Foundation, the owner of the site, to accelerate its transformation and widely renovate the heritage.

As for the heritage part 4 main projects must be carried out :
-the entire restoration of the towers of the basilica.
-the museum and the furnishing of the Treasure Hall.
-the Chapel of the Virgin Mary.
-the completion of the sculptures on the facades.(1st phase of work)
The towers have never been restored in such a big way. Some works are necessary for the sustainability and the enhancement of the site but others are urgent.
For the Fourvière heritage the aim is to raise 5 million euros entirely allocated to the works on the basilica and the museum.

You are a private individual and wish to support us

You are a company and wish to support us

The Fourviere Foundation appeals to the generosity of the Lyonese and the
inhabitants of the region to help it restore the Towers of the Basilica Notre
Dame de Fourvière highly damaged in need of emergency repairs …
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Urgent works to carry out