The great organ of Fourviere was placed in the basilica in 1896. The instrument comes out of Michel-Merklin’s Lyonese workshop . It is completed by Mutin then Convers, who give it its current status of a great symphonic organ. The last full restoration of 1996, under the supervision of Michel Jurine, gives power and coherence to its various sound levels.

Thanks to its place and its tones, it is a solo organ as well as an accompaniment one. The organ of Fourvière is one of the most used in Lyon.

NB : The Organ Hours take place on the 2nd Sunday every month at 6 pm in the basilica.

The main character : Yves Lafargue – Our Lady of Fourviere organist

Supporting the organ restoration

Let The Organ of Fourvière live!

The last full restoration of the organ, in 1996 ,gave it the status of “great symphonic organ”. Placed for more than 120 years in the basilica, the organ of Fourvière, a real musical treasure of the basilica, has become worn out and vulnerable to dust.

Today it is becoming urgent to invest for its repair: restoration of the pipes, leaving the hundreds of small bellows of controls ,too vulnerable , (replacing the current system which doesn’t work) and getting a new electrical one. These works will enable to carry out a general tuning. To achieve these works correctly and carry on making the organ of Fourvière play, support
the project of restoration !